Have you ever heard the joke:

Lock your wife and dog in the trunk of a car… See which one is happy to see you when you let them out

Well firstly, don’t ever do that. We all know it would be your four-legged BFF whose tail instantly wags every time you’re in eyesight.

The truth is, when you drop your dog off at the kennel – they have no idea why they are there, or where you went. Dogs think very much in the present, and don’t comprehend your promises that they will have fun with the other dogs and that you’ll be back in a few days. According to studies, a dog’s intellegence is equivalent to a 2-2.5 year old child. You wouldn’t drop your toddler off in a crowded place filled with strangers would you?

We would take them to a great kennel and we believed they loved it as they came back exhausted! It wasn’t until we met Katie and she told us about her company and gave it a try that I realized that they were actually stressed when they returned. How did I know? When we returned from a weekend away after her team cared for them they were calm, rested, and seemed genuinely happy to still be at home!! The rest was history.
Jake & Nittany's Mom

Client since 2013

We hear people say this all the time. “My dog has so much fun, they sleep for days when they get back home!” While some dogs may genuinely not care, almost all of them go into a hyper anxious state. Dogs bark all night long around them. Their feedings? I bet it consists of just a bowl slid into their pen that they probably won’t eat. So many strange sights, sounds, and smells… So if your dog is sleeping a lot when they get home, I am willing to bet it came from anxiety. Did they lose weight? Probably because they were so upset they didn’t eat.

When your dog is with us, they stretch out in their favorite places, play with their favorite toys, get yummy treats, and sooo much LOVE! Have a special feeding routine? We will follow it to the T.

Fido’s days will be filled with happiness, peace, and sheer joy every time we walk in the door.

Want your pets to enjoy your vacation as much as you do?